3 Internet Tools to Make You More Productive

2 min readOct 5, 2021


  1. Superhuman
  2. Shift
  3. Trello

We all live in a busy world, but that does not mean we need to get sucked down to levels of anxiety that make us less productive.

Research has shown that we perform better when we are at ease with our surroundings.

The first tip before I get into this list is more of a tip for phone users. To utilize a mobile device can be very freeing, ultimately if you put your livelihood on the phone. You can begin to expect it to play a vital role in your life. That means countless notifications, verification codes, and messages.

Superhuman is the email client to speed run your inbox to get to the messages that matter most to you. It is the client to quickly run through and organize using hotkeys on your keyboard. You can press J and K to go up or down through your table of mail.

It is of Stoic qualities to get past what does not matter and focus on what truly matters that leads towards the good life. To analyze what is vital to one’s life in a manner of introspective affirmation that the general consensus of a larger whole can find a method more effective.

This brings us to our next recommendation. It is an application that works on PC, Mac, and in the future Mobile Devices.

TryShift is the center to find all the applications your heart desires and your mind needs to grant an order to your ambitions.

TryShift combines multiple Gmail accounts into one easy-to-manage client, where you can sequence mail and links into tabs to help streamline your workflow.

Speaking of streamlining workflows, our last but certainly, not least recommendation is Trello. Trello is an online tool that works across all devices to sync, and order cards into custom Decks. This allows for massive customization for you and your team. Choose from preset templates to give your projects a competitive edge.

Well, this concludes our top 3 picks for tools that will make you own the day.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you around.